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Madame Inge

Madame Inge


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As a pioneer of organic cosmetics we aim to produce the highest-quality natural cosmetics, as natural as possible. Furthermore, we want to be a political cosmetics brand that actively furthers a society based on sustainability and the common good.


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i+m has committed its production exclusively to Fair Trade raw materials as far as they are available on the market. We are delighted to announce that from now on we source our almond oil and apricot kernel oil from a fair trade Project. As a result we currently work with nine Fair Trade Projects i+m therefore is one of the cosmetic companies with the highest percentage of Fair Trade raw materials.

FAIR Editions

20% of our profits are donated to smaller ecological and social projects that are being developed. Organisations that are currently receiving support include Yumig e.V. (www.yumig.de), OFF THE MAT INTO THE WORLD e.V. (www.offthematintotheworld.org), as well as an integration project for young refugees in Berlin (www.diegaertnereiberlin.de).

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